“You are what you make.”

Héctor Ayuso makes things. Fun things. Beautiful things. Things that make your heartrace, and your mind whir.

And he helps others make things. Engineers, programmers, artists, photographers,craftsmen and women... Anyone with potential.

Which, as far as Héctor is concerned, is anyone.
In fact, this is what he’s best at. Inspiring people. Unleashing their potential.

“Together, we can make anything.”

What would happen if you brought the world’s best creative minds together, and invitedthem to collaborate? Not just the best designers, or the best artists, or the best potters. Butevery sort of artist and maker.

The answer is OFFF: a festival of creativity, involving some 20,000 people worldwide.Héctor founded OFFF in 2000, and it’s still going strong.

Collaborations that began at the festival have gained international recognition. In 2011,OFFF’s title sequence won a Cannes Lion. And The Poool, a trailblazing creativemagazine, launched there in 2013.

As Héctor puts it: “I don’t make people more creative. I don’t teach them skills. I just unlockwhatever they have inside.”

“I’m not an artist. I’m an idiot.”

Héctor has been working in the creative industries for over 20 years. Artist, filmmaker,creative director, storyteller, seeker, curator ... why put a label on it? He thinks, and hemakes. Whatever the details, all Hector’s work is about creating unique experiences.

He lives in Barcelona with his partner Nathalie, their greyhound Takka, and Hector’sbiggest luxury: a pair of running shoes. What more do you need? 

*Photos by Leila Méndez

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