Besides having the OFFF Director title, what else do I do?

Curator: I bring together collaborators and curate projects in all around the world. In every spot that needs a touch of creative madness. What’s happening in you city now? Get in touch and let’s make shit happen.

Talks: I share my professional experience with people and I love to lead on my mistakes to them, because failure is the best way to learn. So it’s all pretty fun, personal and full of adrenaline based lessons.

Workshops: I hate to teach, I love to see you learn. Besides having the teacher and filmmaker title, I believe that every revolution begins with a stupid question. What is narrative? How does narrative play an important role in visual communication? How can you use it in any kind of discipline? How can you shoot this and not that? How can you also make an OFFF event? Let’s play.

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